Kika Cabanis, the creator of the brand, was born in Lisbon and fell in love with fashion in the childhood. Making dresses for her little dolls from the swatches that fallen from the sewing machines of her grandmothers. At 23, she graduated in Fashion Design Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon. Couple of years later she moved to Barcelona, the city that she is currently living and where her children were born.
Fashion adviser since 2011, she seeks the combination of her commercial job where she designs for the big industry group with a more creative and personal side, through the design and manufacture of new gowns for friends and known people.
The experience in the textile industry and the finding of knitwear fabrics, endowed with versatility and comfort, have driven her to the idealization of a new line of gowns that combine the sophistication of a bride and the comfort of the materials, under the premise that dresses can have a second life after the wedding day.
The collection is inspired by everything that surrounds her, from the architecture of Lisbon to the craftsmanship of Viana do Castelo; from the beaches of Arrábida and the summers of childhood to those with friends; from peninsular modernist painting to the heroines of cult cinema and, of course, to all the women in her life.
The dresses are handmade in local workshops in Barcelona and are made of premium fibers carefully selected by Kika on her travels.
These dresses were conceived for singular women; those that stomp in the morning and float at night; the timid and the fearless; those who hardly look in the mirror but when they look at you, they see you; those who take care of themselves and their environment; resolute and undecided; those who fall in love every day and those who only do it once; those who steal glances and those who keep the glow for privacy; those who dance until dawn and those who prefer to observe in the distance; those of ancient times and those that have not yet, been born.
Lúcelo para decir que sí, vístelo cuando te apetezca.
“It’s a bridesmaid’s dress. Someone loved it intensely for one day, and then tossed it. Like a Christmas tree. So special. Then, bam, it’s on the side of the road.”
Marla Singer, Fight club
Contemporary line gowns made with Circular looms. Thanks to the characteristics of these fabrics, our dresses are highly adjustable and stylize the silhouette. Designed for the combination of elegance and comfort, maintaining that point of sophistication that all brides desire.